Prefabulous + Sustainable

The Winding Brook Road project is featured in a book that will be published this spring, "Prefabulous + Sustainable" by Sheri Koones.  This is a well-written and timely book with interesting projects and great photography (Eric Roth photographed the Winding Brook Road house among others).  The publisher is Abrams Books.  As Robert Redford writes in the forward, "Prefabulous and Sustainable will inspire you to consider more environmentally friendly options and show you how to create homes that will bring balance to our future."

Winding Brook Road Entry

Here is a photograph showing the entry details.  The vertical grain fir paneling matches the wood of the entry door (manufactured by Simpson) and creates an inviting entry to the house.  The fir paneling folds out at a point that lines up with the bottom of the window sill and then projects horizontally to become a bench. The bench is supported by a powder-coated steel frame which is bolted to the wall behind the fir. The steps are made from slats of Cambera that are held together by stainless steel threaded rod.