Prefabulous + Sustainable

The Winding Brook Road project is featured in a book that will be published this spring, "Prefabulous + Sustainable" by Sheri Koones.  This is a well-written and timely book with interesting projects and great photography (Eric Roth photographed the Winding Brook Road house among others).  The publisher is Abrams Books.  As Robert Redford writes in the forward, "Prefabulous and Sustainable will inspire you to consider more environmentally friendly options and show you how to create homes that will bring balance to our future."

Trend Hunter Magazine

Marissa Brassfield from Trend Hunter Magazine has written a review of the Echo Series tables, calling them a "perfect blend of contemporary art deco and eco-friendly sensibilities." (Direct Link: Trend Hunter) Trend Hunter describes itself as "the world's largest community dedicated to trend spotting and cool hunting.  We are a unique breed of insatiably curious people, constantly in search of the cutting edge."

Core77 - Design Magazine and Resource

Rain Noe has posted a link featuring the Echo Series tables on the Core77 design website.  Here is the direct link:  Core77. Core77 is an industrial design magazine with an international audience.  According to their own description, "Since 1995 has served a devoted global audience of industrial designers ranging from students through seasoned professionals."

"Stylish and Green"

This was recently posted by attorney Chuck Newton in Texas: "Whether you are a Third Wave attorney or not, you still need furniture.  It might be for your home, your home office, or your out of the home office.  You want to be stylish, but we advocate green as well.

Check out the new furniture by Christian Brown Design.  It's called the Echo Series because it is made from salvaged wood, reclaimed panels of eco-resin, and stainless steel rods, cap screws, and connector bolts.  The 3form panelslevitate above reclaimed wood blocks."

Here is the direct link:  chucknewton

Contemporist Blog

The echo series has been posted on the design blog "Contemporist".  Here is the direct link:  contemporist The Contemporist blog features contemporary furniture, architecture, interiors, and lighting projects.  As they write about themselves:

"A Contemporist is someone who appreciates contemporary design.

We are Contemporists!

We focus on architecture, furniture, interior design, lighting and anything else to do with contemporary design."

Jetson Green Feature Article

The echo series tables has been featured in a great article by Preston Koerner in his green building blog "Jetson Green".  Here is the direct link:  jetsongreen According to their own description,

"Jetson Green is a daily updated magazine that's obsessed with green building and everything related to it, including sustainable architecture, good design, green prefab, clean technology in the built environment, affordable housing, and eco-friendly development.  Our goal is this: to help you become as obsessed with green building as we are.  This is a place where curious, open-minded, demanding, entrepreneurial, and innovative readers are welcome."