Prana Table III

A few images of the newest addition to the prana table series.  This table features a live-edge walnut slab that is 42" wide and 108" long.  The base is a modern version of a traditional trestle design made from blackened steel and walnut.  The steel provides a dramatic combination of structural stability and thin, clean lines.  Kirk Williams fabricated the steel base and Brian Jones fabricated the wood components.  Images of a matching walnut bench will be coming shortly.

Live-Edge Prana Table

The most recent Prana Table was finished and delivered this week to the conference room in the new Heritage Flight FBO building at the Burlington International Airport.  This renovated building is a 79,300 square foot LEED facility with a green roof, solar array and wind power features.  The project architects are Truex Cullins of Burlington.  Interior design is by Truex Cullins and Gayle Erdman of Casa Bella Design in Hinesburg. This table features a one-piece solid slab Redwood top with live edges.  The 200 year old redwood slab was salvaged from the forest floor in California where it had been for the past 100 years.  The slab is 3" thick, 48" wide, and 146" long.  The table base is solid stainless steel, 3/8" thick x 4" wide.  Kirk Williams of Burlington fabricated the base. The finish on the table top is VOC-free Woca oil.


Katerina Tasheva, the editor of DeZona, has posted a feature on the Echo Series and the Prana Table.  As it says on their website, "DeZona is an online magazine about contemporary design, trends and concepts, prototypes and products, interior design and architecture, exhibitions, technology and lifestyle.  DeZona is for those who want to follow the latest trends.  New products, innovative projects and independent critique are daily posted."  Here is the direct link:  DeZona