On the Boards: Clark Road update

Thanks to the unusually warm Vermont winter, site work is moving ahead steadily on the Clark Road house.  The drive is in place and preliminary excavation work is complete.  The blasters were on site this week to clear up some ledge.  Final prep for foundations will begin next week.  Meanwhile, design work continues at a feverish pace in the studio in anticipation of construction.....

On the Boards: Clark Road

Take a look at these schematic design images of a new house that's in the works.  This house has an interesting program with a great site and promises to be an exciting project.  The site is a south-facing hillside with the drive following an old logging road that winds up the hill.  The house is designed to be parallel to the site contours to maximize southern exposure and minimize site grading work.  A series of terraces will tie the house into the landscape and create a variety of outdoor spaces to enjoy the beautiful property.