Chase Street Project

Exciting new details continue to be finalized at the Chase Street project.  Following are images of the custom handrail on the entry porch.  The gentle curve of the stainless steel handrail complements the curve of the steel stair stringer and creates a graceful and welcoming entry porch.  Kirk Williams fabricated the handrail and support posts which are beautifully hand-crafted.  The combination of simple, sophisticated design, a clean palette of materials and great craftsmanship result in a fitting entry for this unique project.

Prefabulous + Sustainable

The Winding Brook Road project is featured in a book that will be published this spring, "Prefabulous + Sustainable" by Sheri Koones.  This is a well-written and timely book with interesting projects and great photography (Eric Roth photographed the Winding Brook Road house among others).  The publisher is Abrams Books.  As Robert Redford writes in the forward, "Prefabulous and Sustainable will inspire you to consider more environmentally friendly options and show you how to create homes that will bring balance to our future."

Low Impact Living

Christian Brown Design may now be found in the products and services section of the green living website Low Impact Living,  The echo series and prana table are featured in the green furniture section of the products listings, and there is a description of architectural services provided by Christian Brown Design listed under the "architects and architectural designers" section of the services listings (search by state).  Low Impact Living, which is based in Los Angeles, is committed to reducing the environmental impact of buildings on the eco-system and to helping consumers understand the options available for a greener lifestyle and the impact of these decisions.