Christian Brown Design is now Brown + Davis Design

Building on a period of steady growth in business, we are pleased to announce the partnership of Christian Brown and Lauren Davis.  Together we have over 35 years of combined architectural experience designing original and contemporary buildings.  We believe that our collaboration will help ideas flourish, bringing two viewpoints and a balance of perspectives to each project, and allow us to successfully manage our increasing workload.  Our partnership is enhanced by a shared interest in materials and craftsmanship along with a mutual belief that good design matters. We look forward to working with you!

Prana Table III

A few images of the newest addition to the prana table series.  This table features a live-edge walnut slab that is 42" wide and 108" long.  The base is a modern version of a traditional trestle design made from blackened steel and walnut.  The steel provides a dramatic combination of structural stability and thin, clean lines.  Kirk Williams fabricated the steel base and Brian Jones fabricated the wood components.  Images of a matching walnut bench will be coming shortly.

New Vertigo Stool

A few images of the latest version of the Vertigo Stool.  These are made from solid walnut with black leather seats, backs and footrests.  The walnut and black leather are particularly nice together.  We've been using walnut for a number of new pieces recently, look for a new version of the Prana Table to come out soon.

Dunder Road Table

A few images of the recently completed Dunder Road Table.  The top is made from a single live-edge walnut slab, about 2 1/2" thick, with a hand-rubbed, VOC-free oil finish.  There are a pair of butterfly splines made from wenge at each end of the top.  The legs are stainless steel, with lockable casters.  The overall dimensions of the table are:  36" x 84" x 30".

ICFF 2010

Getting settled back in Vermont after a great experience at the ICFF show in New York City.  Met some interesting fellow designers, saw some beautiful new designs, made some good contacts and were thrilled at the reception that our new designs received.  We featured the new sonoma series and the echo stools in the booth.  It was fun to see the seductive quality of the cork in the sonoma series pieces, people walking by the booth couldn't resist coming over to touch it, and they were fascinated by the monolithic quality of the solid cork.  This has been our feeling all along, and it was great to see how much people are drawn to the cork, in particular when it is used in pieces with the strong visual lines and sophisticated designs of the sonoma series.  Here are a few shots of the booth during set-up.

Sonoma Club Chair

Here are photos of the newest addition to the Sonoma Line of contemporary green furniture, the Sonoma Club Chair.  This chair features a solid cork seat, back and armrests along with a wood frame made from regionally-harvested maple.  The finish is a hand-rubbed VOC-free oil, clear on the cork and charcoal on the wood frame.  This distinctive chair is warm, inviting, and very comfortable.  The back rest and armrests are perfectly sized and proportioned to provide comfortable support, and the seat is angled slightly towards the back.  The seat is available in three depths to allow for sizing that best fits the user.  We will be launching this chair along with the rest of the Sonoma Line at the ICFF show in New York City this weekend!

Sonoma Tables

Here are photographs of the latest set of Sonoma Tables, part of our expanding Sonoma Line of contemporary green furniture.  This set includes two tables that are 18" x 18" x 18", and one table that is 18" x 24" x 18".  The tables can be rearranged to create a variety of groupings.  Think of them as adult-sized building blocks that encourage creative interaction.  They are designed to be seat height, and may also be used as stools for extra seating at a dining table as needed.  The open space in the middle of the tables is a great place for storing magazines or books.  The tables may also be stacked.  The solid cork is a unique, compelling and durable material that is environmentally-friendly.  The solid black mdf is manufactured with no added formaldehyde and is moisture resistant.  The finish is a hand-rubbed VOC-free oil that is easy to maintain.

Sonoma Table

Here are photos of the finished prototype for the new addition to the Sonoma Series.  These side tables are designed so that they may be rotated to have different sides facing up as the top.  When combined together in multiples, a number of patterns may be created by alternating the orientation of the individual tables.  The tables are 18" high and may also be used as seating, adding to their versatility.  The materials used in this prototype are solid black Valchromat MDF (no added urea-formaldehyde), and solid cork.  While the prototype shown is 9" wide, final versions will be available in 12", 18", 24", and 36" widths.  The open space in the center may be used as storage for extra coffee-table books or that stack of periodicals waiting to be read.  The finish is VOC-free oil.  The Sonoma Series is expanding to include a Club Chair coming out soon.

ICFF 2010

Christian Brown Design will be exhibiting at the ICFF 2010 show this spring.  The International Contemporary Furniture Fair is a prestigious showcase for contemporary designers from around the world. The annual show is held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, show dates this year are from May 15-18.  The show is open to the trade only from May 15 - May 17, and to the trade and public on May 18.  If you plan on attending, look for us in booth #2253.  We will be showcasing some of our newest designs, all of which demonstrate our passion for modern green design and unique, environmentally-friendly materials.

Live-Edge Prana Table

The most recent Prana Table was finished and delivered this week to the conference room in the new Heritage Flight FBO building at the Burlington International Airport.  This renovated building is a 79,300 square foot LEED facility with a green roof, solar array and wind power features.  The project architects are Truex Cullins of Burlington.  Interior design is by Truex Cullins and Gayle Erdman of Casa Bella Design in Hinesburg. This table features a one-piece solid slab Redwood top with live edges.  The 200 year old redwood slab was salvaged from the forest floor in California where it had been for the past 100 years.  The slab is 3" thick, 48" wide, and 146" long.  The table base is solid stainless steel, 3/8" thick x 4" wide.  Kirk Williams of Burlington fabricated the base. The finish on the table top is VOC-free Woca oil.

Newest Prana Table (in progress)

The newest version of the prana table is in production.  The top will be a monolithic live-edge redwood slab, 48" x 144". The 3" thick slab was salvaged from the forest floor in California.  The base will be stainless steel, with some slight modifications from the original prana table to accommodate the live-edge top.  Kirk Williams is fabricating the base in his Burlington studio.  Shown below are progress shots of the stainless steel in production.  The pieces for one of the legs are clamped together with a custom jig prior to welding.  The stainless steel pieces are 3/8" thick and 4" wide.

Cork Chair Prototype

Here are images of the newest chair design.  The seat and back are solid cork, shaped and sanded smooth with a clear finish.  The sides of the chair are solid maple.  The cork is comfortable and inviting, with a beautiful texture and warm coloring.  Cork is an environmentally-friendly material, both sustainable and naturally-renewable, that is carefully harvested to preserve and protect the health of the trees it is taken from.  The chair will be available with woods other than maple.

Echo Stool Selected as a Finalist @ DWR M+D+F Competition

The Echo Stool, a brand new design, was selected as a finalist at the Design Within Reach Providence Studio's annual M+D+F Design Competition.  The finalists selected were on exhibition at the studio on April 30th. In describing this event, the DWR press release states: "View the finalists of the Modern + Design + Function competition.

M+D+F 2009 is a juried exhibition of innovative furniture by emerging designers in New England.  Organized by the DWR Providence Studio and juried by creative professionals in the design, architecture, art and fashion worlds, M+D+F provides an opportunity for peer, public and professional recognition for up-and-coming designers and firms."

The Echo Stools shown here are the prototypes that were in this exhibition.  The taller stool is made from Arreis MDF with an eco-resin seat and stainless steel hardware.  The shorter stool is made from solid-black Valchromat MDF with an eco-resin seat and stainless steel hardware.  The stools will be available with other base materials as well, including bamboo plywood.  The stool bases have a low-VOC, water-based PolyWhey protective coating.

Bobby Berk Home

Christian Brown Design furniture is now part of the collection offered through New York City based Bobby Berk Home. As they describe themselves, "We here at Bobby Berk Home believe in bringing our customers the best selection of modern furniture.  At Bobby Berk Home we combine superior customer service with exceptional modern designs, bringing you the finest online experience."


Katerina Tasheva, the editor of DeZona, has posted a feature on the Echo Series and the Prana Table.  As it says on their website, "DeZona is an online magazine about contemporary design, trends and concepts, prototypes and products, interior design and architecture, exhibitions, technology and lifestyle.  DeZona is for those who want to follow the latest trends.  New products, innovative projects and independent critique are daily posted."  Here is the direct link:  DeZona

Structured Green

Christian Brown Design furniture is now available through Structured Green in Savanah, Georgia.  As it says on their website, "Structured Green is a company that specializes in modern, sustainable furniture and accessories."  In addition to their website, Structured Green has a storefront gallery in Savanah.  Here is the direct link:  Structured Green.