Chase Street Project

Great progress continues to be made on the Chase Street project.  The windows are in, exterior doors are in (except for the sliding barn door on the storage room), and siding will begin next week.  The roof membrane is done and the skylight is installed.  This week, some great exterior steel structural elements went up.  On the front entry porch there are two slender steel pipe columns that will support the front porch roof.  On the back side of the house, there are three steel pipe columns to support the second floor deck.  These sit on exposed hockey puck spacers to isolate the steel posts from moisture in the concrete piers (perfect size and material for this application, this time of year hockey pucks are not hard to come by in Vermont) .  At the top of these posts, the connection to the wood framing is exposed, creating another nice steel detail.  The last image gives a sense of the loft-like living space on the second floor, which is really one large space with two small rooms for closets, bathroom and laundry.  The proportions of this space are really great, with lots of natural light and interesting sight-lines.