Chase Street Project

Construction is underway for the new house on Chase Street in Burlington.  The house will float above the ground on an exposed steel frame.  All of the concrete foundation work for the project is pre-cast.  The steel frame sits on nine pre-cast concrete piers, each of which weighs approximately 8,000 lbs.  The piers were set with remarkable precision by Island Excavating, each on a bed of compacted stone.  Underground utilities will run up into the building through pre-cast concrete vaults which will be insulated.  On-site excavation and foundation work has been kept to a minimum with this system.  In only three days of work, the holes for the piers were dug, the piers were set and back-filled, the mechanical vaults were set in place, and the steel frame was erected and bolted together.  The framing will begin this week (weather permitting) for the first floor deck and walls, which will be a conventional wood system.