Zoe's Race

Christian Brown Design is actively involved with Zoe's Race, "making homes accessible".  Erika Nestor, along with the Howard Center, has organized this annual race in honor of her daughter Zoe.  Proceeds from this race will be used to make homes in Chittendon County accessible for families with children who are physically-challenged .  All applications for this money are processed through the Howard Center. We are currently working to help manage the application and construction process.  All applications for project funding from the first year's proceeds are in.  We have visited the homes, talked with the families and are in the process of reviewing these applications with two local builders who have offered to donate their time, Mark Bonser and Mark Boudreau.  Construction of these first projects will take place this spring.  At the same time, we are helping to coordinate this summer's race which will be held on August 29, at Oakledge Park in Burlington.