Newest Echo Table

This is the newest addition to the echo series, echo 7.  It is similar to echo 4 but not as tall.  Overall dimensions are 16" x 48" x 18".  The top is another piece of eco-resin called "linea ochre", 1/2" thick.  The linea ochre material is slightly more translucent than some of the other eco-resin material which allows more of the hardware and base to be visible through the top.  Eco-resin is manufactured by 3form,, and is available in a wide variety of colors, styles and thicknesses.  Echo 7 was commissioned by architectural clients of mine, owners of the Appletree Lane project.  Two echo 5 tables and an echo 6 table have just recently shipped to the Shaw Cramer Gallery on Martha's Vineyard where this series has been very well received.