"Your living room looks like a shack"

Over the past few years, we have done a series of renovations to this small house but had not yet done any work on the living room, which happens to be the central space of the house.  When our client's granddaughter offered this appraisal of how the living room looked in comparison to the newer spaces it was all the motivation necessary for this latest phase of work.  The new stair and balcony railing are designed to be more open, allowing light and views to filter through the spaces, making the spaces feel larger and more connected.  The solid landing on the stair, wrapped in walnut, conceals mechanical equipment.  Open treads, made of solid walnut, float between a blackened steel panel in the center and the side walls of the stair.  The new fireplace surround is made with blackened steel and walnut, complementing the stair and railing.  

Maeck Farm Road: A Vermont Colonial is Thoughtfully Modernized

What a difference thoughtful design makes!  While our clients (a busy family of four) initially came to us for a new kitchen, we learned there was more to the story.  Working closely with this family we began to understand the many ways in which their existing spaces did not function as well as they could for them.  The renovation became both an aesthetic and functional overhaul of the main floor of the house.  Without changing the footprint (size) of the house, the spaces feel larger and work better as a result of the new design.  The kitchen was relocated to the corner of the first floor where it is directly connected to the family room and dining space.  Careful space planning allowed for the addition of a walk-in pantry, larger mudroom and a separate powder room and laundry room.  A consistent palette of light, neutral colors creates a bright, cohesive and welcoming series of interior spaces.  The new kitchen features custom maple cabinets and gray quartz countertops.